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About The Chicago Fighting Academy

We are a fighting and fitness gym located near O'Hare Airport, Chicago USA. We’ve trained thousands of people and have been featured in some of the leading martial arts magazines. Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, Strength Training, Self-Defense training, and more can be learned at the Chicago Fighting Academy.


Our students have won local, state, regional, national, international, and world championships. Some have appeared and won in the UFC. Students have come from literally all over the world to stay and train with Tony Cecchine in Chicago, and to learn more than Catch Wrestling. See our main website, CatchWrestle.Com for more information.

Self Defense

Tony Cecchine has been recognized as one of the 20 Toughest Men in The World. He is also considered the world’s leading expert in Catch Wrestling.Learn from his unmatched real world experience. From the brutal inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, to the west side of Chicago, Tony Cecchine has spent a lifetime in the urban jungle. He’s learned to deal firsthand with deadly weapon attacks that would make others cower. He’s also had real world experience in personal protection. This is the real deal here folks.

Men and Women

Our training is geared towards anyone, man or woman, younger or older. Do not let your age or gender be a barrier between where you are now, and where you want to be. Even if you’re a raw beginner, there is a program that will fit your needs perfectly. Fitness is a huge part of our training programs, as well as developing your mind to deal with stress and fear. You will learn highly sophisticated techniques that are easy to implement and will reap tremendous benefits that will skyrocket your abilities to undreamed of levels.

Amateur and Professional

Regardless if you’re a rank amateur or a seasoned pro, you can enhance your abilities with our world class training. We’re talking a complete system of fighting, not a niche. If it’s catch Wrestling you’re interested in, see why Tony Cecchine’s American Catch Wrestling is considered by the true experts in the fight game as unparalleled. If it’s boxing we have that covered as well. Get your physical fitness and strength to world class levels as The Chicago Fighting Academy is home to several world records in powerlifting, fitness, and strength lifting categories.


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Use your whole body as a weapon. Use his whole body as a target. 

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  • “I was fortunate enough to watch a preview of this series. I must admit that I was amazed at the subtleties and details that it covers. It goes beyond “just wrestling.” Tony’s secret to slipping and catching punches was eye-opening to me. I have a kickboxing background and have worked some with boxers, yet I have never seen the slip and catch explained so openly and soundly. It never leaves you out of place or off balance…”

    Bobby Amato
  • “What a terrific video! It covers the fundamentals and it enters into strategies that I would never have thought of. Just the way Tony teaches to slip punches was worth it for me, but add in Bruce’s stuff and you just can’t go wrong. This is really great stuff.”

    Tony Pappas
  • “The truth is that this workout surpassed anything I have tried before. Fitness is a passion of mine and while I thought the tape would be good because I have purchased your other products, I thought that on this note I would be up to the task. Boy was I wrong. The Routine is simply an amazing workout regimen. This is far and away the best bodyweight fitness course I have ever seen. Tony, you are at another level and I so appreciate you sharing your knowledge. You have a customer for life”.

    Bill Hearth
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  • “This is a hard workout. Certainly I know of no one that can just go right through it. It leaves plenty of room for development. I really am overwhelmed at how well the exercises work with each other. At first I thought I would not get through it, but within a short time I was making gains that I just thought wasn’t possible. This is now my favorite workout tape. Thanks Tony. I’m sticking with this for a LONG time.”

    Tom Jankowski

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The worlds FINEST CATCH WRESTLING training plus so much more! Be it self defense or strength and fitness training, we can cover all of your needs.

Fight Training

Be it sport or self defense, we have the techniques you need. 


Super strength or unlimited endurance can be yours.


It all begins in your mind. Learn the psychology of combat.

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You can learn from us no matter where you are located.




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At The Chicago Fighting Academy

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About Tony Cecchine

In 2006, Tony Cecchine was recognized by Black Belt Magazine as one of the 20 Greatest Street Fighters in the World.


Tony Cecchine has been involved with American Catch As Catch Can Wrestling (Catch Wrestling) since 1977.  The late, great Lou Thesz, considered by many as the greatest Catch Wrestler of all-time, dubbed Tony Cecchine a “hooker,” recognizing Tony’s submission and wrestling skills as the highest a Catch Wrestler could achieve. Tony has received praise from other luminaries such as Doug Blubaugh, Mark Schultz, and “Judo” Gene LeBell, to name a few — and Tony Cecchine

Tony began studying Catch Wrestling in his hometown of Cleveland when he was only 13 years old. Old-time strongman and wrestler Stanley Radwan spent five years teaching Tony the secrets of Catch Wrestling. Tony quickly learned the importance of conditioning and mastering the fundamentals of wrestling, body movement, leverage, and conditioning. In the years that followed, Tony learned the whole of Catch Wrestling’s brutally efficient arsenal: arm locks, chokes, neck cranks, leg locks, spine, hip, and muscle attacks, strikes, gouging, rips, and more. He didn’t learn from books or tapes; rather, he learned from a master and then was forced to put his training to the test on the streets of Cleveland and, later, Chicago.

For the nearly two decades that followed, Tony continued practicing his skills in real life situations, while teaching myriad stylists of different arts. He has had the opportunity to use his techniques while acting as bodyguard, bouncer,  and escort. No other self-proclaimed Catch Wrestler approaches Tony in either real world experience or in understanding of both the intricacies of hooking and its place in an overall integrated fighting system built on wrestling and boxing fundamentals.

His knowledge of street fighting, tactical skills, and combatives has led to significant praise from martial arts circles. More, he has continued his study of Catch Wrestling over the intervening decades, developing new and unique approaches to addressing modern day threats and scenarios. Tony has successfully used and taught his techniques to members of the police, armed forces, and other civil organizations. Tony has also trained countless men from styles such as BJJ, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Sambo, and amateur wrestling. He himself is  trained in amateur boxing and traditional martial arts and is an avid power lifter and coach. He is also an avid jazz musician and pool player.

Tony’s instructional DVDs have received rave reviews from some of the martial arts communities’ most well-respected members. He has trained both professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and other professional athletes to go along with the regular Joes his training has transformed into elite fighters secure in their own abilities and thoroughly confident in their own skins. As one online reviewer said of Tony Cecchine and his art, “his philosophy is simple……submission, submission, submission.”

The Chicago Fighting Academy